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I need an app that will let me combine different products into one, while still keeping the original products by themselves.

I sell computer parts, i.e: cpus, motherboards, gpus, etc.

But I want to sell prebuilt rigs, so these would be built from parts from my own shop. So far the only way that I have been able to showcase a prebuilt is by doing a collection called "Prebuilt X" and placing in it all of the components that I will use. But this makes it so I cannot show an actual price for the prebuilt, and rely on people adding to their carts all of the components one by one to their cart so they can finally see an actual price.

Furthermore, there are some products that I do not hold in stock, and so to get a price I use the Spreadr app to get a price from Amazon. This price is updated every day, since prices on Amazon tend to change a lot. Thus, I am not able to set a price on the collection image, since this price could be variable.

What I need then, is an app that would let me create a product from existing products (not a bundle, but an actual product) and that would show a price equal to the sum of its parts.

Does anyone know of an app that would help me achieve this?

Thanks a lot for your time.


You can use a bundle app to link different products with a product and show it to your customers.

Since you mentioned that you want to show the total price, I believe that the price tag is the key. An inventory app like trunk may be good for you. You can create a product as usual. Calculate the total price as the product price. After that, you can use an inventory app to sync the inventory when someone buys this composite product. 

The inventory app works by linking a composite product to various related products. When a customer buys this composite product, Shopify will notify the app to update inventory. So you can sell the composite product and individual products at the same time.

p.s. now I am trying to develop a build-your-own-bundle app. If you're interested, you can subscribe for early access

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