Apply automatic discount to tagged customers

@foxacoustics wrote:

That's how they make money. Get you in the door with a cheap plan then nickle and dime you for each and every feature. $10 plugin here, $20 plugin there. Next thing you know you're spending more on plug ins than the basic plan.

That's right! Shopify no longer builds new features that aren't app-dependent. They earn commissions from every app subscription, so why should they? The core Shopify product hasn't changed in years, and every thread here asking for a simple change is met with the same answer: "Get an app!"

Recently, Shopify released its own subscription feature which integrates subscriptions into the checkout for a seamless experience for our customers. BUT here's the kicker: it's not available to you and me as a native feature! It's closed off behind an API, and only app developers can make use of it. Basically, if you want to use this new feature, you need to install an app that makes use of the API, and then the app acts as the front-end for the feature while the back-end is native in Shopify.

That's how deeply ingrained Shopify's app-commission-based business model is!

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ye. Was thinking of the business model they have at 2000$ here but it’s a no go at our company. We will switch our platform for way more just so we can drop the apps and such.

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Hey Shopify,

There's really no reason to have customer eligibility for discount codes and not for automatic discounts. From a UX perspective the logic is absent. I understand you have a lot of membership apps out there that would lose customers because if you implemented this, but it really is an expected feature, especially since we already have it for discount codes. Someone from Shopify should respond on the status of this. Is it being considered?