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Our store has a member discount and frequently offers member discounts on special events.  Is there a way to tag certain customers as a member, then have an item automatically discounted? Discount codes distributed to members only frustrates them if they can't find/remember the code, and could also be passed to non-members or wind up on some on-line coupon list.

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Hi @jjansen,


Thank you for getting in touch and asking your question. I can see why this feature would be helpful, and whilst we do offer an automatic discounts feature, it is not possible to set an automatic discount to apply only to specific customers. I'll be sure to submit this to our development team as a feature request and it will be considered for implementation in future.


However, you should be able to achieve what you're looking for via the use of an app. The Automatic Discount app allows you to set automatic discounts dependent on who's making the purchase, meaning specific tags can be added to customer accounts and only those with those tags will be eligible for the discount in question. There is also an app called Bold Custom Pricing which offers a similar function along with a number of other features. Either one of these apps should allow you to achieve what you're looking to do.


I hope this has helped explain things but please do let me know if you have any further questions.


Kind regards,


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Victor | Social Care @ Shopify 
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App Selly can offer discount based on customer tags for you too:

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check this discussion


we are trying to solve a similar problem... it should be straight forward, if a customer is tagged 'X', give discount of 'Y' at checkout automatically...


it shouldn't necessitate an app or upgrading to Shopify Plus for $2000 a month...


also check this piece of code out that I found in the above discussion... it at least seems to add automatically a discount code and the customer only needs to hit APPLY... not ideal UI but better than spending a lot of money...


hope this helps... and yes Shopify, please add a simple feature to apply a discount to selected customers automatically or allow smaller retailers to create a Wholesale channel without paying a $1920.01 premium... 

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I am struggling to understand why you cannot apply a discount according to a customer's tag.  It's almost totally counter intuitive with regards to customer retention and I was kind of expecting it to be an intrinsic feature of Shopify.  Certainly agree that it's not worth upgrading to Premium to enable me to give away more money, but it leaves me questioning what value tags have in reality.....

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I hear you!

We ended up going with Wholesale Club. Great app. Great service. Reasonably priced.
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Hi Shopify,


Any advance on this please? I feel it's a very simple and easy request to fix,

Thank you

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$60 USD per month for what is fairly obvious and basic functionality based on tags seems ridiculous.  As per the comment at the bottom of the thread, any update on progress of this request going back almost 12 months?  Thx

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Come on Shopify clearly so many people want this feature.

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has shopify made any progress on this?