Apply discount together with free shipping

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Again, it depends on the scenario.


In your case it works fine. In other cases this workaround fails.


I'll give you another possible scenario.


Products A - G


Discount rule applies to Product A giving a $10 discount on the condition that Products B and C are also in the cart. Additionally, I want to give Free Shipping to the whole cart only when these 3 items are purchased.


Under your workaround I can add the shipping profile that applies to product A, B, and C when the cart is a specific price or weight range. But then what if I add in addition to the three products Products D, E and F. Under my desired condition the cart should be given free shipping not only the first three products. I would then need to modify the profile to include these three products. Except now they can be given free shipping if they are included in a cart with where the products are D, E, F and G and does not include A, B, or C because product G's price or weight will still put the cart price and/or weight within the set range. 


This is a usable but flawed workaround.


The free shipping option needs to be included in the price rule giving the $10.00 discount as either applicable to the specific products or the whole cart. You should not have to create a different shipping profile for each possible combination of products receiving free shipping (and definitely should be basing it on a price and/or weight range),

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Oh sure. I was just saying my workaround works for my purpose. The whole thing stinks. 


I also installed a plug-in that assigns the right shipping class to new items. This plug-in was causing an error for this same listing because I forgot to assign it also to that plug-in correctly. I mean, how many plug-ins do I have to pay for to get normal behavior from Shopify? Why can’t I assign the shipping class to the item when I create it? I have to remember each time a new item is added to the store to also adjust the shipping settings. 


Just like the coupon thing. Every platform allows combining standard coupon features like % off and free shipping. We should never have to install a plug-in to get a platform to do something all the others already do. No less — pay extra for it. 

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I'm not sure if it's just me, but I took out the shipping rates for countries outside of the US and it allowed me to do free shipping on orders that are $50+. I can still add my discount code on top of this and it doesn't forcefully take either out, they're combined. I wasn't able to do this yesterday I'm not sure if mine is glitched, but so far it's working for me.