Are my shirts priced too high?

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david shuman, commentary about UX and content issues aside, business wise your product is only priced too high if your NOT making sales and profit.

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People will pay for value. You need to create value for the customer. Why would they purchase from you rather than another shop selling tshirts? For instance, our shop Redemption Market carries shirts that cost $20 - $30+ and we have no problem selling them because the customer knows that every shirt benefits victims of trafficking. There is value there in the purchase. Sell your message of hard work paying off with good rest. 

Good luck!

Rhonda LaBatt • founder Redemption Market, an ethical boutique where every purchase supports a cause •
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Would it be ok if I also "hijack" the thread a little...cos I have the same question, and perhaps the original poster might also be able to draw some comparisons.

My store is  I'm charging $22.50 a shirt - I started advertising my designs on social media before my store was up and running. So when I launched I had about 10 fb messages that said "shut up and take my money".  Although I didn't quite have the number of designs (variety of products) that I hoped to have, I launched the site anways cos I did'nt want to loose the excitement I had stupidly generated prematurely. So first 8 orders or so happened in within minutes of launching the store, but then it dipped down again to basically no conversions over the past 2 or 3 days.  

I did a small bit of targeted Fb advertising just to test the waters, which got me about 500 page visits for $5, but 0 sales.  There where 2 or 3 abandoned carts, one I was able to recover, because there was a technical issue, and the customer was charged $2 more on her shipping rate. I suspected that maybe the shipping rate was the reason she abandoned the cart. So to make it up to her, I gave her free shipping, and she finished the sale. I still made about $5 on sale, instead of my usual $10 margin. In that time I also recieved two email questions, asking "do I ship to the US and Argentina." However I never received any sales from those customers after that.

The original advertising (posting in niche fb groups worked well, while the targeted fb advertizing was able to attract traffic to my store, but no sales, so this is what if wondering:

  1. Is it normal to have 500 visitors without a purchase?
  2. Is it because of my lack of range/variety of products, that people come as result of my advert, looking for some other T's, but don't find anything they like.
  3. Are my T-shirts too expensive. They are priced at $22.50, and my margin is $10...Is that too steep, should I cut my margin down to $5? 
  4. Is it because my international shipping rates are too high. Shipping in the US works out to about $2.5, so I just included that into my price and give US customers free shipping, then I also take $2 off the international shipping price of $8 (flat rate) and so International customers pay $6 for one shirt and $8 for two shirts. Should I maybe increase my price a tad say by $2, so that my price is $24.50, and then offer free shipping all around the world. 

    I know someone will probably suggest I do free shipping over a certain value, but I can't do that, because I don't have enough products yet, that people will want to by 5 items.

Thanks in advance, I appreciate the feedback

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Hi All,

I'm happy to confirm that our app is finally live and in the app store under the inventory category.

We offer cost price upload in bulk or via our super helpful RAPID method, profit reporting through our easy to use, yet powerful dashboard, inventory visability across locations, purchase orders, price markdowns.

Feel free to take us for a test drive - we offer a 14 day free trial

Kind regards,

Karen and the team

The Prosperous Shop

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No, offend but the price is directly proportional to the quality of the product. I think your store is not accessible in my country so I can give a verdict about your products. However, you can check my store: I am selling mens products including jackets, casual shirts, etc. Price are moderate but sometimes I offer flat sales on all products to engage users. 

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Yeah, I visited your store and checked your shirt price, I dont think si that prize are too high but I recommend you to use some tactics for example if you want to sell a shirt in $50 that write the price of each shirt $100 and give 50% discount. I think you under what I am trying to say. I am following this tactic on my store: Try and let me know if it works for you.