Are there any Product Options app that allow you to select product options from Draft Orders

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Many of our orders are taken over the phone so we rely heavily on Draft Orders. 

On our website we use a product options app which can add items to the cart based on options selected on the parent product. There are lots of Product Options apps and I believe many of them offer this functionality. 

I would like the ability to do this with Draft Orders so that it can track the inventory correctly. 

For some context on our use case:

We sell balloons. A customer might choose a balloon bouquet which includes a dozen red balloons and a big foil number balloon. The number they select is tied to a product so inventory can be tracked. There is no way to do this (that I know of through Draft Orders). Variants aren't an option because there'd be hundreds in some cases (eg 20 colours x 10 numbers). 

I know that in the draft orders I could make the red balloons one product and the number another but this looks confusing on the invoice because from the customers perspective, it's all one product. 

A further problem is some products have many options and it is easy to forget to ask about one of the options.

I'd love an app that allows me to create a draft product and go through the same options selection experience as the customer would through the website.