Are there any other Avon Ladies out there using Shopify


Hi there


I just started my free trial i'm wondering if this could help me with my Avon E store the thing is I 'm not sure if this could help me because I would need to send all my customers to my Avon site so they could purchase their beauty products so that the company ships and collects money from customers then Avon pays me they do all the processing of the orders and collect money and ship to my customers so I don't need to set up the the shipping and cart from shopify I just need to send people from here to Avon. HELP. I don't know if I'm making any sense.   

Sylvie Carrière
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Hi, I was about to ask the same question, and the details of your question got me thinking.

To be honest, one would question - why we open a shopify account when Avon does it all for you with our online store; however Shopify has been recommended, so I'm pleased that I'm not alone.

How's your trial going?