Are you still dropshipping from Asia?

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Hows it been for you since the pandemic?


Hi @Vvel ,

I am Winnie from crov dropshipping. we have inventory both in China & US. 

Since this pandemic, we have been recommeded our customers to resell the products that we have inventory in US first, 

as you may know, shipping and its fee has really been a tough question for dropshipping business.

dropshipping from Aisa to US, EU, etc has now easily incurred a refund issue due to the long delay caused by the pandemic,

so it is important to have dropship from suppliers with local inventory at the moment.

To your success:
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Hi @Vvel, this is Larry from the Spocket team here!

The reality of dropshipping with the current state of shipping internationally is that orders from AliExpress will be severely delayed no matter where they are being sent to. In addition, you run into the tradeoff of quality and other benefits for cheaper products with AliExpress. 

For many dropshippers, focusing on US-based products has been a great solution for the shipping issues from other countries. Have you heard of Spocket? Spocket is a platform designed specifically to connect retailers to suppliers that are based in the US/EU. Some of the other benefits of working with Spocket include:

  • Fast shipping (usually about 3 - 5 days on average)
  • Blind shipping, meaning that the orders will be sent in neutral packaging. The only thing included in the package is your branded invoice from select suppliers!
  • A rapidly growing product catalogue, so there will always be products to choose from

To try out all of these features, you can sign up for a free trial with Spocket here!