Ask A Guru: Why Am I Not Making Sales?

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I'm Amman from, and I havent got any sales yet. I'm looking for different strategies to bring in revenue. Im a 14 year old entreprenuer, so any feedback and tips regarding my website will be highly appreciated :). I have tested facebook ads so far, but had no luck with that. (use the code BAMBOOCID15 to get 15% off your total order; offering this in return for good feedback)



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88,000 Unique Pageviews, 0.14% Conversion Rate, 29 Sales in a WEEK???

These numbers don't make sense. I have made some updates to my site to address performance and optimization. I know there are still some improvements to be made, but from what i can see, the site provides a pretty smooth experience. I've even managed to streamline the checkout process (ApplePay, Amazon Pay, Paypal, as well as consolidating to one page for regular 'Checkout'). On top of that, I have Free US Shipping and upfront 30 day return policy. Business was launched in 2012, so it's an established brand.

So then why do I still have such a low conversion rate? My traffic is very strong, bounce rate is acceptable, and pages per session have drastically improved. Any ideas why I would still not be getting the amount of sales I would expect? What can I do to get my conversion rate to 0.50% let alone 1.5%? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Here's a sample of my numbers for the last week:
87,689 Unique Pageviews, 0.14% Conversion Rate, 29 Sales

Please help!!! Site critiques welcome.


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Ive been running an accessories store for a month or so now and my paid fb advertisements have been garnering a few hundred visits per day. My budget on ads is $100 for an entire month and so far each day ive been getting at least 15 adds to cart and consistantly at least 50% initiate a checkout. But for some reason i cant figure out why i have only one sale when i get this many initiate checkouts daily. Ive been constantly cleaning up my sight and adding apps for sales boosts along with reengineering my ads to be more precise but to no avail.

If you can checkout out my sight and give me some feedback that would be greatly appreacited!

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Thanks for posting!

As for advertising, our experience shows that video converts waaaaaay higher.

Couple of tips to help:

First, capture attention quickly. Front-load the video with attention-grabbing content to ensure they don’t just scroll-and-go. Next, design for sound off. Most video ads in the mobile feed are viewed without sound. Use captions if there is dialogue. Facebook’s caption feature works really well. Finally, produce for mobile. Consider your dimensions. Make sure your story is told well on a small screen.

Anyway, hope that’s useful. Wrote more about this on our blog this week if you need more ideas:


Kevin Simonson is the CEO of Metric Digital, a performance marketing agency in New York City that focuses on driving revenue and customers through for ecommerce business via online advertising, email and other digital marketing channels.
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Im almost the same as you. 1 yr in shopify only 19 sales in total. {Surely shopify is the only one making money.} On top of that i advertised and have SEO with rich content blogs and email marketing, and its still hard to make a sale. All i want is a constant sale everyday :( (trendy shoes and handbags in style!)
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thanks for the insights regarding this particular topic. 

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It's not east getting someone to your site/store in the first place and a lot of people are advertising on facebook.

Capturing visitor details is crucial in my opinion and using the Instant Messenger app with a simple,  single sign up procedure is one way to do it.

It strikes me that so many people have facebook pages with hundreds/thousands likes which when a post is put up on the wall, gets around 6% reach. Using Messenger increases this to 100% unless they're using a fake ID.

By putting in some work and converting some, you'd like to think all but that's unrealistic to subscribers would increase the post reach instantly and the great thing is, they already like you.  

Linking in with a rewards/loyaty program and offering points to people who share, everyone loves points.
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What do you think of my site?


Jeremy, T.W.D.


Having the same challenge here.  Lots of traffic but no sales!

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Had a look at your site, I think it looks great. One thing I think you should look at is when you add to cart, it says : ship from china or US. I must admit that put me off a liittle bit. Also, right at the bottom of your page, it came up with a box, If you're not going to buy, then why. I attached it, that's too aggressive, from my point of view.

Also, checked out your facebook page, you've got nearly 6K likes but not taking full advantage of this in my opinion.

Facebook reach is about 6% on posts, so let's round it up to 10 and say 600 fans have seen the post. 

I personally think that with some work, you should be able to sign up, let's say 60% onto messenger which will enable you to direct message 3600 fans directly.

You could look to link this in with a rewards/loyalty program where points are awarded to fans who share. Those points could be exchanged for goods/discounts in the store. New visitors to the store could be presented with a sign up to messenger and the loyalty program, you look to integrate them..

It may be worth trying.