Ask A Guru: Why Am I Not Making Sales?

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Hi By_Twee,

Thank you for reaching out. I did a quick audit on your site and here is my observations:

1) Logo is looking too large on Mobile Version. Consider reducing its size because most of users would be on Mobile.
2) Add some “Call to Action” on your homepage slider images.
3) Add some kind of offer or a pop-up with 10-20% Off your first order.
4) Add “Free Shipping Above $30” bar and offer that to your customers.
5) Product descriptions are very important! Consider having them re-written by a professional.
6) About Us page is the most important page on the website. You Must have a well-written one.
7) Shipping & Privacy Policy pages are also a must have.
8) Add currency exchanger app.

This would help you improve your overall store experience and help you get sales.

If you'd like us to step in and do that for you - please don't hesitate to contact us at

-Ali, Your Shopify Expert
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Have you tried they have some pretty good deals and you will ge results..
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Hello Mr.Shopify Expert. Currently we are struggling to generate any revenue. We receive about 70 visits per day. Any tips would be great !
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Dear community and gurus
I just started – I plan to sell to danish and Swedish users only.
Im Selling Japanese and korean skincare. I have only worked with the site for 1 Month.
In Will do SEO SEM, SoMe incl. ads, and work with influensers. And have a blog. Now my main concerns are:

Did I make a misstake not having the site in Danish? Which is prio 1 market, as competition is low. (There are both Danish and English organic searches)

Swedish shipping cost is aproximatley 30SEK higher than in Swedish web shops – will they drop purchase in mine because of that?

Are users more comfortable with purchasing from website in local language?

I hop you have time to reply, would be so great if you could!
Thank you so much in advance!
Best Regards /Josefine Andersson

OK Thanks

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Hi @BootyWiggins,


I had a quick look on your website and below are my observations:


1) Add a slider with some call to action.

2) Add a pop-up with 15 seconds delay giving a coupon discount of 15% and collect customers emails.

3) Add an "About us" pages which is the most important page on your site.

4) A "Contact us" page is also important. How can buyer trust buying from a website that they can't get in contact with?

5) You have so many apps installed. Your product page has so much and this has caused the focus out of the product. More apps does not mean more sales.
6) Product descriptions are not consistent and not well-written for all products. For example: The Electric Rotating Butterfly Cat Toy
7) Remove powered by Shopify from footer.

Fixing the above can get you off the ground. But at the current situation, you won't be generating any sales. If you need support doing the above don't hesitate to contact us at


-Ali, Your Shopify Expert

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HI! this is not related to the thread but I can't manage to start a new one regarding my question. How can I do that? Thanks

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Would you take a look at my website as well Please?

I made around 20 sales in last 3 months , and something randomly stopped making no sales in last 3 weeks.

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Dear @Konrad_Olszewsk


First of all - this is a very good niche that you're working on now. Having some sales at the beginning means your store has already passed the "proof of concept" phase. But it might have reached a certain limit where you have to perform some activities to take it to the next level. 

When you build an online business, you can start off basic - check the traffic, generate some sales, build the social media, and get your hands on. But once you've done all of that. You would need to run ongoing improvements because you're not the only one in the market.

You have great content and product descriptions, but it really does not scream out when i'm on the homepage. Your design is causing such a limitation. I'll give you some tips below:

1) Know you benefits section is super attractive but its not displayed in a proper way on your website. It's too much text especially on mobile. I would totally redo this section in more dynamic way. For example: Showing shipping at the "Announcement Bar" instead with a message FREE SHIPPING TO IRELAND & UK ABOVE 5000 STRAWS. I would also have a separate section with an image or icon for EXPRESS Delivery.

2) Wholesale & B2b can be on a separate page on header and footer. 

3) Your customers are a community of people with same interests - Build an emotional "About Us" page with 200-300 words and some images. This would help in your SEO too and ALOT.

4) A pop up box would also help - add a coupon code with X% discount too. 


5) A premium theme would have a high ROI if you consider it.

These are just some tips after quickly observing your site. You have great potential since you already got 20 sales! store owners on this thread are suffering to get their first sale. I would love to help you out. Please contact at for a free site audit and probably a quick call to discuss. 

-Ali, Your Shopify Expert

Shopify Experts and Ecommerce Consultancy Agency - Need Help Generating Your First Sale? Contact us: