Ask A Guru: Why Am I Not Making Sales?

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I was wondering if you had some insight.  I'm getting traffic to my store but haven't had any sales.  I've had some attempts with declined credit cards and abandoned carts but that it.  I just added the Make an Offer option also.  Any help would be great!

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Hi Store Owner,

Your store would not convert due to the following reasons:

1) At least make some logo - there are alot of free online logo generators. You might want to consider using one. Check this blog article about online logo makers.

2) A premium theme would convert way better, but your current theme is not bad if you can make good use of it. You can add a homepage slider with an offer and a clear call to action of something special you have on your store.

3) Some products have descriptions from Ali Express - you need to write unique descriptions for all. 

4) Remove supplier logos from your product images.

5) Remove "Make an offer" its not applicable in your kind of business. 

6) Where is your "About us"? How will i as a buyer know who am i dealing with?

7) You need to fix your email:

This would just do for now - if you need support in implementing those. Don't hestitate to contact us at

Goodluck! and let me know if you have any questions. 


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Hello I started my store 11 days ago and I’m getting lots of traffic but no sales! Tired many different things but still the same. Need help figuring out what I can do to generate sales.

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 Dear @Your_Bag_Store

There's a lot that you can do for your website to lift it up and make it up to a certain standard that would convert visitors to buyer. Some are design aspects and others are content. Ill be sharing the major points for you below:

1) Logo too small and basic. Use any of Free logo generators online.
2) Too many apps installed - your homepage is filled with icons here and there which are not required now. They cause some frustration to your customers.
3) Try exploring a different "Free theme" This one is very basic. 
4) Add SEO related product descriptions to your product pages.
5) Write a professionally written "About us" because this is the most important page on your site.
6) "Partner Products" section doesn't look right on your homepage. (Check image)

This would help you improve your overall store experience. If you'd like us to step in and do that for you - please don't hesitate to contact us at 

-Ali, Your Shopify Expert



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Dear Guru,


Would be great to have your feedback on our new store from a visual perspective. Know that we haven't installed a translation service.


Looking forward to hearing from you


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Hi By_Twee,

Thank you for reaching out. I did a quick audit on your site and here is my observations:

1) Logo is looking too large on Mobile Version. Consider reducing its size because most of users would be on Mobile.
2) Add some “Call to Action” on your homepage slider images.
3) Add some kind of offer or a pop-up with 10-20% Off your first order.
4) Add “Free Shipping Above $30” bar and offer that to your customers.
5) Product descriptions are very important! Consider having them re-written by a professional.
6) About Us page is the most important page on the website. You Must have a well-written one.
7) Shipping & Privacy Policy pages are also a must have.
8) Add currency exchanger app.

This would help you improve your overall store experience and help you get sales.

If you'd like us to step in and do that for you - please don't hesitate to contact us at

-Ali, Your Shopify Expert
Shopify Experts and Ecommerce Consultancy Agency - Need Help Generating Your First Sale? Contact us:
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Have you tried they have some pretty good deals and you will ge results..
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Hello Mr.Shopify Expert. Currently we are struggling to generate any revenue. We receive about 70 visits per day. Any tips would be great !
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Dear community and gurus
I just started – I plan to sell to danish and Swedish users only.
Im Selling Japanese and korean skincare. I have only worked with the site for 1 Month.
In Will do SEO SEM, SoMe incl. ads, and work with influensers. And have a blog. Now my main concerns are:

Did I make a misstake not having the site in Danish? Which is prio 1 market, as competition is low. (There are both Danish and English organic searches)

Swedish shipping cost is aproximatley 30SEK higher than in Swedish web shops – will they drop purchase in mine because of that?

Are users more comfortable with purchasing from website in local language?

I hop you have time to reply, would be so great if you could!
Thank you so much in advance!
Best Regards /Josefine Andersson
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@Rudy_Bergstrom wrote:

Thank you Nicolas- I will follow your advice if there is anything I can do in return let me know- this was very helpful.


Take care