Ask A Guru: Why Am I Not Making Sales?

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Thanks for interesting discussion. I launched my store 6 days now and have about 20 visitors per day via Facebook ads. However, no sales at all. Can someone give me some advices ? What do you think about my website elychloe(dot)com ? How to improve ?



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Hey all! Sweet thread. Wanted to add my $0.02

Many off our fashion clients ask this question. And our answer is often simple: Smarter ads.

Specifically, Facbeook. Here are some key questions you as a retail brand need to ask, both yourself and your marketing person/team/agency:

1. How do you define Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) as it applies to Facebook? 

2. What attribution window do you use and why?

3. What Facebook campaign objectives do you use and how do they work together given my goals are growing customers and increasing revenue under a set CPA? Why?

4. How do you structure your account to address prospective new customers who have never seen the brand on Facebook, seen and/or interacted with the brand on Facebook, already purchased from my brand? Why?

5. What is an optimal amount of audience overlap across ad sets for prospecting, retargeting, and retention? Why do you think that and what factors would cause you to change your answers?

6. Do you include or exclude placements and devices in your targeting? If so, which ones and why?

7. What types of creative assets do you recommend we start with and do you have any requests for certain types of creative assets? Why?

We wrote a full blog post about these marketing questions and how to use them to make more sales, hope it's helpful for you.


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Thank you for this post!! I have difficulties to convert. i am running the store around 3 months and we have had only one sale.Could you give me some advise?

Thanks a lot!


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2 Years  with shopify, only 9 transactions. Can anyone help me please?

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So much great information here already. Thank you!

We launched our store exactly a month ago. We have anywhere between 50 and 150 visitors a day, depnding on how much advertising we do on a particular day. We've had several unique sales from people we don't know, but our conversion rate is only at 0.2%.

I would appreciate any input you may have on how to improve our conversion rate.

Our store is

Thank you in advance

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Thanks for sharing such useful information. All the points you mentioned in the above post are very important. I will try to follow up these points in my website and i  hope i will get good results .


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Great. Please share your result with others

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Thanks for all the tips! 

I would love some feedback on my shop as it is not performing as expected. We spent nearly a year developing a great following on instagram. I feel like we were properly positioned, but no one is converting. Any tips or thoughts would be helpful. 

Thank You.


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Hello Everyone,

Running an online business is difficult yes but it's not impossible.  Biggest misconception online business owners have is that just having a site will draw in traffic and make the sales.  Absolutely not.  There are thousands of ideas that the owners need to consider and apply them towards your business strategies.

SEO, Social Media, Email, Back Links, Hash Tags, SMS, etc etc.  But the most important part of your Marketing strategy has to do with your PRODUCT and PRICING.  

You can have all the traffics you want but if the buyers aren't interested or the price is just too high.  You will not make the sale.

Tune down your price and get the products that are up to date in trend.  Keep your products organized and reorganized weekly.  

Do your research.  It's easiler than you think.

If you are a women's clothing company, try or

We offer amazing apparel for the amazing low prices.

Thank You.