Attestation for the sale of branded and trademarked products

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Hi Community, 


I've been trying to get through to Shopify but no luck. I have received an email pointing out that I am selling branded products. When I opened, I had already spoken with Shopify about my products and no one said anything. I have been open since January now, selling real fragrance products from reputable suppliers based in the UK. I've been given days to sort this and make my decision to tick the correct boxes or they may proceed to take my website offline. I am so shocked by this as I have been paying for months and wasn't asked this sooner. 


The options are given to me to tick (multiple or those that apply):


Certify that previously not a repeat infringer or been to court relating to this. TICK

Certify that the business on Shopify has not previously been terminated. TICK 

Confirm that I own the rights to have products on my store. CONFIRM

I am an authorised reseller of the branded products. CONFIRM

Confirm that the branded products are authentic. CONFIRM

Removal of all branded or trademarked products from my Shopify store which does not meet the above. (Non-Applicable)


I was just a bit set back by this email and I am a worrier on the best of days even doing nothing wrong. Is this

a normal email Shopify send out to branded product sellers? Am I just worrying over nothing.

What further support do I need to supply?


I don't want to be taken offline after working so hard on getting my suppliers and setting up my website which I've been super proud of. I would like to speak with a Shopify customer service but I can't get through to them.


Please can someone advise if they have also had this.


Many Thanks! 

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Do you have an update? What they said?