Australia: Tax & shipping rates

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Hello everyone,

So I'd like some help about how to set up the tax and shipping sections for my store. My case is particular, which is why I am not sure how to go about it.

So, to keep it short:

I am actually looking to dropship products and my target market is France. All the products I have chosen have a warehouse in France so they will be shipped from within the country. I am also a French citizen but I don't live there anymore and do not have a French bank account anymore but a local one from the country I currently live in. This makes it difficult for processing payments as pretty much none are available for the country I'm in except for Paypal.

My boyfriend is Australian and I am about to move to Australia really soon (this December). He wants to help me out and authorized me to use his address and payment card since we're going to be together soon. So I changed the address of my Shopify store to his and it came up with a message talking about GST, ABN and taxes. But it seems that I am not obligated to have an ABN (for now at least). I honestly have no knowledge about taxes and my boyfriend told me that all he knows is that I am not required to pay taxes unless I make more than 75,000 AUD a year. But the message did say I will be charged 10% but I'm not sure on what?

So I actually have 2 questions and need help regarding them:

1. What exactly am I going to get charged 10% on and does it require me to do anything in particular?

2. Since I am technically based in Australia but dropshipping to France only, how do I set up the "Taxes" and "Shipping and delivery" sections of my Shopify store? Knowing that I want to offer "free shipping & delivery" like all dropshippers.

Any help will be appreciated!