Auto update inventory each week to set amounts

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Does anyone know of a way to automatically set the inventory of my products to a specific amount? The suppliers to my client's store can supply a set amount of products per week, so I'd like the inventory to reset to exact amounts each week, e.g. on a Thursday at 2pm, auto-run a script/app/something to set: 100kg potatoes, 200 packs of coffee, 50 vegetable boxes, etc.


Does this seem do-able via an app or some Liquid coding?




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@HelloPaul Does this seem do-able via an app or some Liquid coding?

Shopifys Theme flavor of frontend liquid for does not interact with the admin in that way, though the language itself can be used as a syntax by apps that have made their own flavor(see usemechanic below)


This is a common process with many many answers for different situations, searching "automatic CSV"


Inventory Transfers

Additive Calculated Inventory ,and Not automatic but for a handful of products fast and native you could always preload inventory transfers so all you have to do is click 1 button "Receive Items". This would at least set you for another week while you evalutation options or build automations.

there is a duplicate button immediately under the transfer number at top of page



Desktop software -

Without apps, using different tools could automate uploading a inventory CSV in the browser (there is no native FTP).

  • Windows - explore using autoIT,
  • macOS - explore using automator.


Apps -





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