Automated Customer Tagging based on Products Ordered

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Is it possible to/ are there any apps that allow for tags to be added to a customer's account based on the products they have ordered?

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This is a great use case for Parabola, which helps you build custom data automations to power your Shopify store without writing any code. Using their native integration with Shopify, you can easily pull in order and customer data, and tag orders based on whichever data points you are interested in. I have helped Shopify store owners tag orders based on:

  • Products ordered
  • Product categories ordered 
  • Number of orders/ products purchased
  • Total spend
  • Location and demographic data

For any data point that exists in Shopify (or another external source such as a Google Sheet), we can easily add that value as a customer tag. Here is a quick video explaining how to update customer, order, and product tags in Shopify using Parabola. 

Dozens of Shopify stores also use Parabola to automate bulk inventory updates, track order fulfillment status, create reports based on product sales, and export and clean data from Shopify. Feel free to reach out at if I can help you build this out or answer any questions! Hope this helps. 

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@lunamcr Order Automator handles that + much more: We built this a couple years ago to handle automatic fulfillment and tagging, and have gradually been building out more features as people request them.

The app can also bulk tag past customers too, so you can do things like create custom remarketing lists based on what products they ordered.

Give it a go and if you can't find what you're looking for, just reach out, we do free customizations.

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