Automated discount code when signing up for Box subscription.

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Hi community!

New to Shopify and first time here!

We've recently moved our website to Shopify, and so far I really love it. That said we used to have a system that would send an automated discount code for every new box subscriber (not email subscriber) to have 15% off site-wide just for being a subscriber. We currently have BOLD implemented and are thinking about using Seguno to replace Mailchimp + Klaviyo to create strong automated emails.

Taking this in consideration, is there any way to create have a discount created automatically when we get new subscriptions?
+ also deactivate the discount when they stop their subscription?

Thank you in advance!

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I have a couple ideas:

A) I'm not familiar with Seguno but with Klaviyo you can upload bulk discount codes. So for example, you could use Bulk Discounts app to create a batch of unique codes, then upload to Klaviyo, then create a flow that automatically sends an email to box subscriber customers including the discount.

B) To automatically create a discount code with certain order conditions, and then cancel it when the user cancels their subscription, it's doable but I think you'd need to build a custom app for that to communicate between Shopify (to create the discounts and assign the discount code to the customer) and the subscription app (to send an API request on subscription cancel that then changes the status of the discount code assigned to that customer.

B would probably be overkill but if you need help building a custom app my team does this regularly: if you want to reach out.

Another option if you want to limit codes, is solution A but set an expiration date on the discount, and just include that in the email. That would mitigate some of your worries about discounts being used by cancelled subscribers.

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Thank you @JoesIdeas for your response.

All your suggestions were really accurate and I thank you for that issue. It does look like we're gonna have to build this custom.
We're still young on Shopify and e-commerce but I'll keep your info, as we may have more needs moving forward and as our business grows, I know it.

Thank you!