Automatic Markdown by Date

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We have items that are pushed by by API

We are a consignment store
items mark down over time automatically depending on the price code that is set

Price Code: A
Markdown 15% off original after 30 days
Markdown 27.75% off original after 60 days
Markdown 38.59% off original after 90 days

Price Code B:   Item remains at original price

Price Code C:  Item markdown 10% after 30 days.


Question is :  How can i tell shopify to do this?  

Shopify Staff
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Hi there,

As much as I would like to offer it, this type of discounting process is not available as an option from Shopify's settings. Instead, I can suggest and app that could help:

This Daily Deal app allows you to set scheduled times for discounts to apply. You will have to set them manually (dates and % off). This is as automated as we can get this to happen!

I hope that helps

Happy selling! :)
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Hey Jarreds,
Were you able to get this type of pricing to work with Shopify? It's hard to make Shopify work with consignment.I too had similar problems when trying to make my consignment business process more efficient. I eventually got fed up and decided to build a platform that makes it easier for consignment owners manage and grow there business better.
The goal was to build a new and modern consignment software that allows business to decrease cost with tools that saves them time, and increase revenue by making it easier to connect to more sales channels (like Shopify). This includes adding specific features that are unique to consignment and making them work on platforms like Shopify.
You can view our site here:
With the app you will have everything you need to run a consignment model on Shopify.
I would love to chat and help you out, if you do have this problem. You can reach my anytime at: