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Hope you are well. We have a Shopify store setup and are struggling with automation. 

The way our store works is that we are a middle man for restuarants, takeaways etc. We have got these setup as different collections on our store. A customer will book a load of items from 1 store , we will receive the order and we provide the drivers. Before this we will phone the restaurant/takeaway that the order has came to and tell them the order so they can process this ready for the driver and then we will then call 1 of the drivers to pick the order up and drop it off to the customers address. 

We are looking at a way of automatically sending the order to the restaurants/ takeways bearing in mind that we have at least 20 different restaurants/ takeaways on our store. 

We are also looking for a way to automatically send the order to the driver bearing in mind that we have at least 5 drivers working for us.

Any suggestions would be appreciated as I have hit a stumbling block.


Mohammed ( a loyal shopify user)



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i see this post is quite old but I don’t see any other solutions presented. 

I just want to check if you have found a solution yet? If not, we offer an automation platform , Shypyard

it is a development platform that can be used to easily integrate different software systems and you can set up any logic you want. We believe for your need to integrate with 20 restraunts this mag be the best solution. Assuming they are all using some software system for order booking. 

if you are still being pained by this problem, please don’t hesitate to let us know.