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We are US based and sell both physical products and downloads world wide. Physical products shipped to Europe are not charged VAT (yet) but downloads are. We don't want to bother with tax collection at this time. So, is there a way to just list only physical products in the store for a customer based in Europe and hide download?

A rule based on product type of tag would work just fine.


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Hey Phil,

Mike here from Shopify, I think the only way you can set this logic would be first to identify where the customer is coming from and that would be IP based if not mistaken. Which would require some javascript to accomplish, as Shopify doesn't store customer IP addresses in the liquid code.

So to get that initial data we have a doc that talks about this and some ways you can go about getting this IP:

From there you could use the javascript variable to make some comparisons. Is what I am thinking. So for conditional logic. Create a collection say EURO-COLLECTION that will only show as a result of the javascript coming back saying they are from such place. Whereas US-COLLECTION which would be the default with products that have the digital content attached. If that makes sense? So you would need EURO based "copies" of your US products.

So I can't see why it can't be done, but will require some behind the scenes programming. If your not comfortable with that you could always reach out to Shopify Experts. https://experts.shopify.com - otherwise you will need to do some theme tweaks.

I hope that is what you were thinking?


-Mike A.

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Hi Mike,

Seems this link is redirected to another page. I did an extensive search but could not find any particular resource in getting customer/ visitor IP address. Please advise.