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Hi there
1. I currently have a retail web store with all collections and prices displayed. I am looking for an app/solution where I can create multiple wholesale tiers where I provide a different price , minimum quantity within a particular collection or minimum spend. I would like to only enable that pricing and collection when wholesaler is logged in but I don’t want to duplicate the products. I also want to still have the guest and retail user not requiring an account or login if they were browsing normally.

2. I also want to give buyers an option of having the product drop shipped from our manufacturing country directly. So essentially I am looking for two pricing. If they purchase from local warehouse it’s going to cost X and if they going to ship from country of origins it’s going to cost Y
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Sounds like you need a tiered pricing and quantity discount app. We have a list of the best Shopify tiered pricing and quantity discount apps, hope that it will give you some suggestions.

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I have similar question but the only thing is I dont see much of an app which distinguishes both the groups. There are wholesaler support apps but something which will allow B2B guys an access for other products and special pricing. Again as said , B2C customer should not be able to get directly to see the wholesaler support prices as well. Anything of this sort ?

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App Selly can help you to set different automatic tier discounts for different customer groups based on their tag or total spent:


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