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I have purchased my domain with godaddy. I want to integrate my blog as a subdomain - for seo purposes. But my domain partner says ill have to contact my host provider and shopify says ill have to contact the domain. 

What do i do and how do i integrate my wordpress blog to my store? 

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Hi there,

I am not an expert but maybe i can be of help.

As what i can understand:

  1. You have a domain with godaddy
  2. You want to create a subdomain
  3. You have a wordpress blog

If i was in your place, i would do the following.

  1. Create a sub-domain at godaddy by loging into dashboard and create a subdomain. Seek godaddy supoport to help you create a sub-domain.
  2. After creating your sub-domain, login to your wordpress dashboard and link the sub-domain to the wordpress blog.

However, please note, that just like how you have forwarded your godaddy main domain to shopify websie, same steps will be involved to forward the sub-domain to wordpress blog. 

After all is done, create a menu item or link or however you want to link your blog in shopify store.

Hope that helps :)

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That's because you shouldn't call it integration. You'd go to your hosting panel, set it up so that is your blog address; they'll supply you with its ip address. Then you go to GoDaddy panel, create a subdomain there and put your blog's ip there.

If you don't know how to do it, ask hosting and GoDaddy support again. But say you want your blog to be accessed via this address: Don't mention 'integration'. Also, Shopify has nothing to do with this.


-- Stas 

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Thanks a lot!