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Over the past 4 weeks we have been receiving a huge amount of bot traffic (40%+ of total traffic), totally skewing our analytics module and god knows what else. The traffic seems to be coming from the same 4 locations (Ashburn, Dublin, Frankfurt and London), all through Proxy servers, all at the same 4 times of day. I have tried redirecting based on location for the 3 cities we don't currently sell to, but it doesn't seem to have deterred them from coming back and, since they still count as visitors, my metrics are still skewed. The traffic is all direct so isn't click fruad and doesn't appear in Google Analytics because the pages aren't being rendered. I can only assume it's some sort of price crawler. Any advice on how I can tackle this? I have contacted Shopify who have said there is nothing they can do on there end and have seen a disheartening number of posts on this forum bemoaning the same problem, but few solutions.

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We're bemoaning the bots too. It's a disaster. We've had to shut down several product releases due to getting hit by bots and them cleaning out all our inventory in under a minute. Real customers now have to email us and then we send a separate purchase invoice to them since there's no solution from Shopify except to get Shopify Plus which is not viable for a small shop. Fail.