BRAND missing in Google shopping

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Hi all,

Am using the shopify Google shopping app to feed my products to the merchant centre and have hit a few problems.  

No 1 on the list is that the brand field is empty on 75% of my products in merchant centre even though the vendor field is correctly filled in for all on shopify. 

I have warnings for all my products re variant colour, but I have seperate listings for the rare occasion I have products of different colour  so I don't need a colour variant in shopify.

And finally, am getting a few GTIN errors thrown up, but EANs all present and correct as per labels ( checked and double checked ).

Any ideas?  Brand one is especially confusing, and important I'm imagining. 

Thank you :) 

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Hi  - having exactly the same issue with Brand. Just spoke with Google's  Adwords Team and they said to take it up with Shopify. I emailed them with screenshots on this earlier this evening.

It is confusing

  • It has been happening for some time - only 10% of my products have brand. As seen in Google Shopify campaign/ product.
  • Brand is only happening for some brands and even more confusingly only a few of the products within the brands 

I suspect it is happening to a lot of other shopify users of this app - but unbless they look at the products description in their adwords account they probably would not realise that it is ocurring.

I suspect it is important as I am getting a very high bounce rate and low conversion on this campaign compared to my other adwords campaigns - which is counterintuitve.

I'll let you know if I hear anything



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hey we are also experiencing this issue.  Brand field is blank for ALL products, which doesn't make sense as the Shopify documentation just says it should be vendor which is correctly set for each of our products.

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Dave here from  the Guru Team :)  

These issues are definitely something that we would like to look into further and work towards getting this resolved. If you'd like to email then our Tech Team will happily look into your stores and get some answers as to what is occurring with your Google Shopping integrations :) 

Talk Soon, 
Dave | Shopify


The Google Shopping app does not use the vendor field as the brand variable in your Google Shopping feed. Why, I have no idea.

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To answer my question. Checking "Tell Google to ignore product identifiers" enables the identifier_exists attribute with a value of FALSE. This then means Google does not permit brand information and other unique identifiers for the product.

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We just released a free app for Google Shopping. This App creates all needed fields and keeps everything up-to-date if product data changes. Also EANs are added correctly.

Give it a try. If something is not there, let me know, I will check that asap.

We are very experienced in managing shopping accounts, let me know if you have any questions.


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