Back in stock functionality inside the size drop down menu or over the Out of stock size variants

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Hello Guys,

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I want to know how can we  implement Back in stock or notify me functionality either inside the Size chart Drop down menu or over the out stock variants.For example A variants S is out of stock so there will be strikethrough over S and on clicking it we can see a popup for subscribing so whenever the variants come in stock they can get email or  if a Size chart is as a drop down menu then next to the Variant how can we implement Out of stock functionality so a customer can click on it and Subscribed to get notify.

This things are done in Shopify store .Please check the links of store  below to see this functionality i don't know how  its done If anyone can help please reply . App with this functionality are most welcomed 

This Link is  of Notify me functionality over Strikethrough 


This link is of Notify me functionality inside the drop down menu.


Please Reply if someone has a solution for it i m looking for Functionality inside the Size Drop down menu

Thank You