Backorder and Product Location

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Just working with a new company on their Shopify site.  They manufacture on site and want to turn certain high volume products to sell into the negative, or "backorder". Let's say if a customer buys 20,000 of sku 12345, but we only have 10,000, I know we can allow orders even if zero on hand, but how is the customer communicated with on the remaining 10,000?  Is it a matter of us puling a negative on hand report and finding out?

Also, is there a way to attach a physical warehouse location of a sku?  Meaning, we only have one warehouse, but how can I let the order puller know where it's located in that warehouse?

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Hello ,

Im having a problem where customer order 1000 items but 200 are back ordered . Is there a notify in the Sellers "Unfulfilled Product Order List" where it distinguish between items in stock and items that are back ordered? I would have to go through the whole order list and find every single item, where as instead I can just search for the "in stock" products.