Bank sided with customer for a $960 charge back claim

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I have a shopify store and sold $960 of material to a customer online but in the same state.

A week after the transaction, the customer filed a charge back with his bank with the reason of "item not acceptable".

I called the customer for clarification. He claimed he opened the case because he did not receive the tracking (which was emailed to him two days after the order) but has since received the material( 5 days after ordering on a Saturday) and cleared it up with the bank and is happy with the purchase.

I reply to the charge back investigation with the tracking information and the information the customer gave me (over the phone, unfortunately, he had not replied to our emails).

Three months later and the charge back was sided in his favor and he has not 3 calls we have made to him.

Do I have any recourse? First instance I have had like this in over 12 years.