Banned from Stripe/Shopify's Payments Gateway - New customers beware

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That is a very interesting comment being that we carry a lot of the same natural brands that the big box retailers carry (Target, Nordstroms, Saks & Free People). You can not get reinstated after Stripe has banned your account. So, with that being said, there is no "clue" in the emails they provide the merchants when they have notified us that are account would be shut down immediately and permantely banned. 




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And I bet if you found one of Stripe's forbidden products at Target, Nordstrom or Saks and complained to Stripe about it, your complaint would quietly vanish......

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Hello, this sounds ridiculous. So people have to fear if they get banned or not when you start such a project. We have also 100% USDA certified organic products - serums, we avoided medical claims both on label and on e-commerce site 

That is why we had to create a separate website for more information, from where you cannot buy our products directly. Interestingly stripe has its policies and other payment gateways + Shopify, someone has to hire a lawyer for this purpose...

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Shopify's TOS does not elaborate on "Pseudo Pharmaceuticals" or other restricted categories such as weapons or hair care products. If you are a new customer you will find out if you have a restricted product, only after you expend several months worth of time and sweat and when you launch your store or set up Shopify payment. If you are banned then you will get a detailed email telling you everything that would be classified under Pseudo Pharmaceuticals, or kitchen/hunnting knives classified as weapons, and hair extensions real/fake not allowed. So you are never going to know until you go through the process, unless you are selling T-shirts or something like that. So if you are a new customer and if you think you may have a restricted product don't count on the heavily promoted Shopify payments and be prepared to use or Paypal Pro or some other external payment gateway, and account for the additional $25 or $30 monthly fees and the additional 2% transaction fee penalty to Shopify. So you would be looking at Shopify monthly plan fee + $25 (or $30)  payment gateway fee + 2.9%, 30 cents credit card processing fee + 2% Shopify transaction fee. On top of it all the add on apps you may have to subscribe to (to accomplish even some basic functionalities) + cover free or discounted shipping you may offer, and then try to make a profit. If you are selling very high margin products this may still be a viable proposition for you.

And when the shutter comes down on you from Shopify/Stripe no opening it back up even if you agree to remove the disallowed products. However, Paypal Payments Pro gives you a chance to remove the products from the store in order to reinstate the account. And their restricted products list is not so stringent as Shopify/Stripe. They let you email them your site before hand that they can review before you go through the application process and tell you if you have any restricted products on your site. They really work with and work for the customers. BUT you have to spend additional $30/month + 2% additional transaction penalty!!. No other go. Cost of doing business. Just don't count on the heavily promoted Shopify payments (they continue to promote to you even after they ban you Permanently!! :).