Barcode Scanner For Inventory Management

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Hi All, 


I use Shopify for our wholesale jewelry business. We have about 1,500 products and we are looking to assign barcodes to each of those skus. We are hoping to use a barcode scanner to enter inventory after we make the jewelry and put it away. Is that possible for us to do so we can keep track of what is made each day?


Also, we don't received all of our orders from the website, we still get some via email and phone, so we want to scan the skus in from the barcode so we can get every order into our website without having to manually enter them is as drafts. 


Any tips would be much appreciated!



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This app might help

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Perhaps Sunfy can help you with your daily tasks.

It is a native app for iOS and Android where you can change inventory very fast with scan or full text search.

You can test it for free, here is the link.