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I apparently am missing something here in setup of My shop. However. I am trying to put all shoes on one link and all shirts on one link or menu category.i cannot get them to separate from the rest. I just want one page they can click a link and go to the shoes without seeing shirts and pants, and have to hunt for shoes.


how do I separate all these so the are linked to their own category? 

Be patient in old, slow and dumber than a box of rocks, but I’m trying! Anyone’s help would certainly be appreciated if you could take Me by the hand and show Me. 

Many thanks.

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This is an accepted solution.

I’m new to all this as well but I think I understand your question and how to help.

You are trying to make sub categories for all of your products?

You first need to make a collection called ‘shoes’ you can do this on left hand side of dashboard under products there is a collection tab. Click that and make new and call it Shoes - or whatever you want. You then pick how things are added to that category either by tag or manual.
I prefer manual, so when I am importing products I just click the sub category I want them in. Or you can choose tag, ie. everything that is tagged shoe will go into that category automatically.

After you make the collection and add things to it you need to add the collection to your main menu.
Go to online store on left of dashboard click navigation and main menu and make new section and add new collection where you want it.

You can do this as many times as you need. I would recommend if you have many different products to make a shop tab on main menu And have this be all products and make the rest sub menus that people can easily see ‘shoes’ and click.

Hope that helps.
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This is an accepted solution.


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