Beginner Questions!

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Hi there - I am completely new to Shopify. I have mostly been selling on eBay and Etsy and made the decision to change platforms to Shopify.  I am pretty much used to the workflow of post item, sell item, ship item. So seeing all the fine print that goes along with Shopify is intimidating.  I just basically do my business from home and it’s more of side hustle level at the moment but looking forward it would be great to grow my brand.  What are the helpful tips for newbies to look out for? I operate out of Mississippi so I am not sure how to navigate taxes and how to set up my store legit so I won’t have any issues in the long run on the state level. What are the main things I need to do? Tax settings? Do I need to actually have a business license?

now that I have a store on Shopify it just seems like I might be in over my head and I don’t want to set myself up incorrectly so that it bites me later. Any and all advice for this beginner would be so appreciated!

Hi BGordon7789

Congratulations on launching your store on @Shopify. Welcome to the Shopify Ecosystem.

This is going to be a learning journey for you. And remember that you’re not alone in this. Everyone in this Community is here to help you grow your business.  

Since you’re just setting up your shop here, I wanted to share a tip with you: use product badges to convert your browsers into customers. 

You can use coding to put badges on your store, or you can use ModeMagic to put badges in minutes. 

Apply any badge from our collection within minutes. You can design your own badge in 4 steps, and in 4 languages. “Go Local” with your business with badges in French, German, Spanish & English

Guess what, you can even automate stock labeling on your store and keep it updated with your inventory.

If you already have a badge for your store, you can upload them to ModeMagic & apply on your products.


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Try it out for free for 14 days and let me know if you like it?

KrishiBoo From ModeMagic
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