Best Inventory System to use with Shopify? Currently looking at swapping from Tradegecko.

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Hi guys, 

First-time post here. Hoping to get some good feedback and user experience of Pros and Cons people have had with Tradegecko, but also other inventory software that potentially could get rid of all our pain points so far!

We signed up to Tradegecko to manage our Products across multiple Shopify Plus storefronts, we currently have the same stock count and looking at separating 1 store to its own (Wholesale) as that area expands.

We also use Star Shipit to handle our order fulfilment and shipping integrations with DHL and our Local Australia Post

We were recommended Tradegecko by our Website developers and have since found it useful, but a few questionable issues are popping up with the Shopify Syncing between multiple stores, it's somewhat unreliable at times. I am shopping around at other Inventory Software, and their UI isn't the nicest IMO.

I am in between 
DEAR Systems and SKUBANA at the moment

Has anyone got first-hand experience or better Recommendations?

Thank you so much for the potential help!


Tradegecko Pros:

  • Managing and Syncing one Stock count on multiple storefronts
  • Ability to separate stock counts
  • Tracking revenue vs costs
  • Shows one clear view of all storefronts (Although numbers are higher than they should be)
  • Internal Purchase ordering
    Ability to forecast orders (Although this is in beta and not really functioning as we would like)

Tradegecko Cons:

  • Integration with Shopify questionable, not recording discount codes used by customers
  • Script Discount (Free discount over x amount) not being recognised and adding the shipping charge into sale total when it shouldn't be.
  • No ability to run reports on what discounts used from Shopify
  • Report numbers differing from Shopify
  • Syncing seems to have issues with images and stock count at times
  • unable to separate a stock count for our POS on one of the websites
  • Pricing expensive as we are using only product sync and purchase orders, stock control features.
  • Unable to add landing costs to PO once we receive them (Supplier puts them on our DHL account, and we are billed a week later after receiving PO)
  • We purchase stock in two different currencies, AUD and USD
  • If buy price is in USD and isn't our main currency it doesn't add into cost price, and manually have to change the exchange rate over to AUD it also won't make their MAC data correct.




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I would recommend you give One Stop Order Processing a try, we offer a fully functioning stock control system that automatically applies any changes made to your Shopify store. You can easily update stock levels, generate sales reports, predict the stock you need to order and much more.Click here to try for free for 21 days. 



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Hi, my app Simple Purchase Orders can show you your inventory count across warehouses, we fully support multi-location inventory management.

It allows you to set up suppliers and import products and set cost prices. You can then automatically generate purchase orders from orders your customers make and it will import all of the items they order and their address and email it to your supplier. This should help you reduce time spent fulfilling orders and eliminate mistakes.

Please check it out and let me know if you have any questions

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Hi Tyler,

let me add some (I hope) useful information about your search. 

When it comes to inventory management I think it is really hard to get all the main functionalities at the best with an all-in-one solution. This is because managing the catalog, integrating with other tools/sources, generating forecasts and optimizing the inventory are all very big tasks and a single software can hardly address all these features with the same high quality. 

I can say that if you need to generate accurate forecasts and prevent stockouts you can look at intuendi, a solution for getting a Machine Learning - based demand forecasting and discovering what, when and how much to reorder for reducing stockouts and excess inventory. 

It solves the demand forecasting and inventory optimization challenges only : ), but I think that a powerful data-driven planning which helps you to get the highest ROI on your inventory is something vital for every company's growth. 

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Hi Tyler,


I'm also looking to change my OMS app, currently using Korean local app called "sellmate". It is not even an app since it doesn't offer any API. 

Manual import and export of csv. files are a must so we are trying to find suitable alternatives. 

I ended up this post searching for "Tradegecko" and found there is a syncing problem you mentioned. 

We also sell multiple channels, so the inventory sync is crucial. 

Have you reached any good solution yet? 

It would be great if we can get some updates on your insights. 






you can try Inventoro. See details here 

Inventoro has sales forecasting, product segmentation and automatic inventory management and replenishment. And 14 days free trial.


If you have any question feel free to ask me.


Tomas Formanek