Best Practice for multi-regional site URL naming, and customer redirecting?

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We are planning to launch additional Shopify instances for the additional regions we plan to serve (i.e. Europe, Asia, etc.)


Is there a recommended Best Practice for how the URLs should be named for these other regions?


1.  For example, if our primary site is at (seen as in public DNS), would it be recommended to create the Shopify instance targeting Europe as (would be in public DNS.)

2. And what is the recommended method for performing redirects for visiting customers, to make sure they get directed to the Shopify instance that serves the region they're shopping from?   Just a simple drop down banner that detects and recommends a redirect to the customer's regional site via Geo-IP?

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Hi there! Congratulations on your market expansion!


1. Regarding URLs for different regions, I suggest you having 'multiple' e-commerce stores to serve each domain. For example, for US, and for CA, and then redirect your visitors based on their locations. This provides the best customisation for each region as you can control pricing, shipping costs, and stock availability.


2. There are plenty GeoIP tools in the market, here is one worth checking out: Geo Redirect.

It can identify your visitors' locations using their IP, and auto direct your visitors(for example, by country) to corresponding URLs. You can set up redirect rules within a few steps with the tool. No programming is needed by yourself. The tool will further generate Javascript code for you to add to your website. Shopify platform is well supported.


Hope it helps!