Best Seller Badge under the price

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How to add Best Seller badge under the price for one product page? 

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Hi Waqas!

Happy to help with getting that Best Seller Badge onto the page for one product only.

We have a tutorial to Create Alternate Templates. If you follow those instructions and create an alternate template with your Best Seller Badge, you’ll be able to go to that best selling product and choose the new template you created with that badge!

In order to add the image in the code, take a look at this previous Ecommerce University Forum Post, with the reply from my colleague Daryoush. Despite the post being “outdated”, the information is still accurate. As he mentions in that post, if you’re using a Shopify supported theme, our Theme Support team may able to add this for you. If you are using a Shopify supported theme and this option appeals to you, let me know and I’d be happy to check into it for you. :)

I hope this helps!