Best Subscription App?

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I plan to start a subscription based store, where customers can choose different types of boxes to order every month (similar to any subscription box services out there).

I done my research but now I'm stuck on these 2 different apps. Bold Subscription, $20 a month Subscriptions by recharge. $40 a month


I need some important features such as to allow auto-charge once their subscription ends for the customer but I believe both apps offer this.


However, when looking at the reviews, there are some critical points such as poor customer support, hard to uninstall etc.

For Bold, this looks serious:

For recharge, this puts me off:

So I'm just asking if anyone has used any of the above services and what are your thoughts?

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Hey, there!

My name is Sunny and I'm from the Shopify Guru team. 

It's awesome that you're doing your research to see which subscription-based app would work best for your business. I personally haven't used either of these apps myself to run a business but being a guru has definitely given me a decent amount of exposure to them for testing  and troubleshooting purposes. First thing I'd say is that you can't go wrong with either of these apps. They are both ranked very highly on our app store with tons of great reviews and if you haven't already, I'd recommend giving them a test drive since they both offer 60-day free trials to get a better feel for the platforms. 

I don't personally have a favourite between the two but I would be happy to do some digging for you to help you with your decision. 

To break down the screenshots you shared:

This sounds to me like there could be two sides to the story. The reason I say that is because the majority of the positive reviews they get on their app page is because of their customer support. There could have been an issue with over charging but I have a hard time believing they left the merchant hanging. In this case, it actually would be great to bring this review to Bold's attention and ask them how they would deal with a situation like this. Hopefully their response will help ease any worry you have if something similar happens to you. I've actually dealt first hand with a similar situation and their support was extremely responsive and helpful.


The commenter brings up some good points. To start, the long URL they are referring to, i'm almost certain that Bold also uses a similar long URL so this is not exclusive to their app only. As for customer support, they do only offer email support but have stated on their website that they will respond within 12 hours. Although this may not be ideal, the norm these days is to only offer email support, aside from Shopify of course! Regarding the commenter's point about translation, do you plan to use the translation feature? If not I don't think point would be relevant to you.

Main comparisons:
- Pricing and plans - Bold vs. ReCharge
- Billing: Bold billing is done within Shopify, whereas the ReCharge app is charged outside of Shopify and won’t appear on your Shopify invoice
- Customer Support: Bold offers live chat, email and phone support and ReCharge offers email support
- Installation: Bold offers free and easy installation and ReCharge offers step-by-step video installation instructions

Contact info incase you had questions for the apps directly:
Bold Subscriptions:
Subscriptions by ReCharge:

I hope you found this helpful! I would definitely love to hear from someone on the forum who has first hand experience with either or both of these app and can offer some honest opinions and feedback. 

Let me know if you have any questions at all. 

Sunny | Shopify Guru

Sunny | Social Care @ Shopify
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Will a separate app still be required after the recent Shopify announcement on built-in subscriptions?

"Enable subscriptions in your Shopify checkout"

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Hey Lavencci,


Karthik here from We are a farm to fork e-commerce store that procures Organic Produce from small scale farmers in India. 


Why am I writing to you in 2019?

We are building a custom subscription app for ourselves and would love to hear what other fellow entrepreneurs would have to say about the same. 


Why are we building a custom product?

As an end customer, I would like to customize my box, which isn't possible with the existing apps listed on the Shopify.

For example: A bag of rice comes in 3 different sizes - 1kg / 3kg / 5kg and millets come in 3 different sizes as well - 1kg / 3kg / 5kg. Now, with existing apps, while customizing his box - a customer wouldn't have the option to pick the size of the bag. Hence, we decided to build an app for ourselves. 


If something like this seems like it would help you - We would love to get your feedback on it. 

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Any update on the subscription service with Shopify Plus?  

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Do we know when this might be rolling out on Shopify?

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Bold was a total rip-off and never worked, and also confused our customers saying that we had 'subscribe and save' and no-one could ever figure out how to use it including me, the shop owner. I also tried to de-install the Bold app twice and Bold kept charging me through shopify for months, long after we tried to disconnect. What a rip-off. And why doesn't Shopify just come clean and admit that they DON'T HAVE A GOOD SOLUTION for subscribe and save. Just admit the truth. Burned once, I am loathe to try the second one with all of the dubious comments.


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Did you find a better solution than Bold?
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I have been using Bold Subscriptions for a long time, and it is problematic. Product pricing, shipping, sales taxes, make a change in shopify and guess what those changes don't reflect in bold. the app is throwing duplicate sales tax rates, and it is a problem. I have been asking shopify to build their own subscription product so i can move away from a 3rd party app. customers hate the experience. they change their shipping/billing info in shopify but that does not reflect in bold and i am constantly having to manually fix stuff. Bold says that is the way it works.

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I appreciate your feedback so much. Thank you! I’ve been on Cratejoy for a couple years and need to level up. May I ask, do you use CJ? If so, do you run both platforms so you also get their marketplace?

I had hoped it was all embedded in Shopify, but it seems not. Has anyone been using Recharge? Hoping Shopify rolls this out soon!!

Again so grateful for your feedback!! Thanks!