Best Theme/App for Managing Inventory in 2 Warehouses?

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My store (currently in development) will sell products in 2 countries (US and Canada).


For this reason I've enabled multiple currencies ($USD and $CAD) in Shopify Payments, so the customer can pay in their own home currency.


US orders will be fulfilled from my US warehouse, and Canadian orders will be fulfilled from my Canadian warehouse.


For this reason, I have 2 "Locations" set-up in the back end of Shopify.


Obviously, each of these locations may have different inventory levels for each product at different times.


To give you an example, I've set the inventory level of one product to 0 in Canada and 100 in the US.


My question is:


When a Canadian comes to my store, Shopify's Geolocation app is able to know they are from Canada and therefore shows the Canadian currency.


It is not able to however, show the inventory associated with that country on the product page (by showing the product as SOLD OUT for example, instead of ADD TO CART).


How can I show the correct inventory to this person? For example is there a way to connect the Geolocation app to my Inventory (and not just currency)?


Or do I need to try a new Theme (I'm using Blockshop) or Geolocation App?



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I'm hitting the exact same issue. Do you have any solution so far?