Best and clean way to handle multicurrencies.

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I have a worldwide customer base but my shop is set up with USD only. I know that the USD prices are putting off some international customers.

I have added the currencies in Shopify admin now I am confused as to how to ensure the correct currency is displayed according to the geo location of the customer and then charged on in that correct as well.

I installed a currency app which would showcase prices in the right currency but then charge USD on checkout so I turned it off.

If there is a tutorial somewhere where I can set up the following that would be awesome.

1.display local currencies according to geo location. I will using 10 currencies. All other countries default to USD

2. Round up the prices to .99

3. Charge in local currency 

4. Convert the correct back to USD in my Shopify account before depositing to my account.

Any help much appreciated




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If your using shopify-payments use it's multicurrency feautres and and the geolocation app

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Hi there!

Multi-currency displaying and upon checking out is provided in Shopify PLUS.

If you don't have Shopify PLUS, you could look for third party multi-currency checking out tool, like Bold. But it's best that you could set up multiple stores. Each site allows you displaying and checking out the local currencies, and it also provides the best flexibility to control differences of products, prices, shipping costs etc.

Among multiple sites, to avoid visitors getting lost, you can use Geo IP tools to detect visitors locations by IP and auto direct visitors to correct URL site using local currencies. For example, Geo Targetly. With its Geo Redirect tool, you can create location segments and rules within a few steps auto directing customers. No code is necessary. Shopify platform is perfectly supported. If a visitors is in UK, and he goes to, it will direct him to 

Hope it helps!