Best lightspeed integration app for Shopify e-commerce

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We’re switching to Shopify Ecom but want to keep Lightspeed Retail POS. What’s the best solution available? I see three applications available for a monthly fee and they all seem good but we need the best one available. Has anyone used these products? 

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We're currently looking to integrate our Shopify Website with our Lightspeed POS... or move everything to Shopify. What ended up working for you? I'm happy with both, but we are currently running them separately and it's not ideal.

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Hi guys,

I see many merchants use Lightspeed Retail as an alternative to their Dynamics RMS POS, and the integration platform mentioned here has successfully integrated Dynamics RMS to Shopify, so I think it should work perfectly for Shopify and Lightspeed integration too. If you are considering having your Shopify integrated with Lightspeed, this article (Why and How to integrate Shopify and Lightspeed) in choosing the best solution for it. Have you ever heard about iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service)? Both Lightspeed POS and Shopify are cloud-based (ofc Shopify is hosted too) and iPaaS is a platform for building and deploying integrations within the cloud. This integration solution here has successfully integrated Shopify with Acumatica, Dynamics 365, QuickBooks, and HubSpot; you can see the demo videos to find if it suits your needs.

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I am currently looking into switching our eCom to Shopify and integrating with LS Retail... wondering what service you ended up using to connect the two?

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Please check some shopify integration products we made here:

so, because Beehexa built an enterprise Integration Platform so It can help you connect Shopify to any 3rd systems. You can contact us for a Shopify & LS Retail Integration Demo in one or 2  business day.

Moreover, we offer one month free trial as well.

I hope it helps you @SweetPaper