Best option for different shipping methods (weight/cost combo)- advice please

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Hi everyone...I have just opened my first shopify store to the public and have tried unsuccessfully to set up a couple of different options and I wonder if anyone can advise me rather than have my further trial and error affect the customer experience as the site is now live. Of course I'd have loved to have had this all ready first but I decided a while ago I would be doing this forever and never launch unless I gave my customers a launch date which is why I launched it now and am still trying to improve it.

The majority of my items are very light, and i charge £2 domestic postage as these can go as a large letter and are relatively cheap to post.

I do however have one range of larger items (gift boxes - all priced at £40.99) that go as a small parcel and are more valuable so they cost me £4.70 insured - I'm happy to charge £3.50 for these and take a little bit of a hit on that.

however I am offering free postage on any orders over £50. 

This is how I tried to set it up, so the unique cost of the gift boxes would hopefully trigger the £3.50 postage charge) however they are still being charged £2 - i guess as with it falling in the condition of £0 - 49.99 that one takes precedence.

Can anyone think of a way I can set these up so one product (the gift boxes) goes for £3.50 and not £2 like all my other products?

I have dabbled with using weight, so I put the gift boxes at 0.65 kg each, and said anything that is 0.6 - 0.7 kgs should be £3.50 but this hasn't worked. It is still being charged at £2. Do I have to put a weight to every single product (ie 0.01kg each) for this to work and can anyone see what problems I may then have and would it work? Would the over £50 free shipping still work?

this is what i currently have set up

 service                          condition                       cost to cmr

1st class                       £0 - £49.99 spent                £2

free                               £50 or above spent              £0

1st class signed for      £40.98 - £40.99                  £3.50


Many thanks in advance for any help....feel like i've just written an exam question!