Best theme / app for Variations?

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Say you have a product which has 10 colours. It's the main thing you sell, so you would like:
A - for them all to appear as separate products on your collections page

B - Say when you open up Grey for eg, for the other 9 colours to also show on each page as variations.

Ok so I have managed to do this, but talk about jumping through hoops, installing apps etc! Not that I mind if it works. 

Here's my question - does anybody know of a theme or an app where it can hold all of the SKU / Inventory Information for all 10 colours back-end, so that when you are adding the variations, you are pulling in from information stored back-end, rather than having to add the SKU and inventory numbers in all over again, thus making it a "new" variation as Shopify cant tell it from the other identical SKUs? As there is a major flaw with the above process - if say a pink was sold but from the customer going into the grey product then choosing pink as the variation, then it only shows that the pink VARIATION on the grey page is reduced in inventory. As we have 10 different inventory numbers per colour (1 on its main product page, 9 as variations on other product pages.) this means that all the other inventories are wrong now.

Does this make sense? Does anybody have any advice as to how to counter this?