Best way to add a gift button / options

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I'd like my customers to be able to buy gifts for a friend... So would like a 'gift button' and an option to leave a personal message. Especially important with holiday season approaching...

Does anyone know the best way to implement this? 

Are there any good / recommended free apps?



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Hi Hugo!

Kerstin here from the Shopify Guru Team :)

You can do this with the Gift Wizard app which is probably be our most popular app for adding a gift button to your product page. And an alternative would be Easy e-Gift Checkout. You might also be interesten in the Shopkeeper Gift Cards Shopify Gift Card App which allows you to send customized gift cards.

All the best,

Kerstin | Shopify Guru


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Hi Kerstin,

Any updates on this from Shopify? It seems like this should be an option within Shopify vs a $10 charge a month simply for gifting. Thoughts on if Shopify will include soon. 

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Hi Hugo,

Our new Application, GiftShip, might be the perfect fit. It comes with many powerful gifting features, including the ability to send items to different locations within the same order, and attach personalized messages per item as well.

Check out a few stores that have recently brought on our functionality:

Let me know if you want to chat further about it :) We offer free installations and trials, and have different pricing plans to suit your needs.



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I figured out how to an "enable a gift message” option for free, thought I’d share.
What you do is you enable a text box that appears in the checkout area that is originally meant for notes to the seller but you can change it to say something like “Sending as a gift? Add a message here:
It’s a 2 step process:
How to enable the cart message writing feature
>Online Store
>Select Page>Cart
>Cart Page>Enable cart notes (Left-hand side)
It should now say something like “Add a note to the seller"
How to change what the message says
>Online Store
>Actions>Edit Languages
>Cart>Note (second option down)
Change it to say something like “Sending as a gift? Add a message here:”
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@StephenFlores  yes but does it then hide the price of the product like a gift receipt and allow the message to show up with the package?

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Great! Thank you