Best way to be upfront about 25 day shipping time on my product pages

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Let me start off by saying a lot of what you are about to read is assumptive on my part but I am trying to solve for what I see is the biggest problem with conventional beginner to intermediate level dropshipping.
Ya know, it is what it is with the 25 day shipping thing when dropshipping from AliExpress. For now, while learning, AliExpress is the site that I'm going to use. Only the top suppliers, but still Ali regardless. Most of the time when ordering products for research I've actually seen the products arrive in half that time if not less. Mostly. Sometimes though the product does take the full 25 days and of course you want to be as upfront as possible when selling to your customers so their experience is as best as you can make it. Happy customers mean positive feedback, better reviews, less refunds/chargebacks and hey....maybe even return customers! 😄
I see post after post about people getting ATC all day on their sites but no purchases. I am guessing that this is because the first time the customer discovers the shipping times for products coming from China is during checkout. Sure they have FAQs or shipping pages that state proper expectations, everyone does. But at the same time we are supposed to be optimizing our funnel so that the customer goes straight from the external ad to the product page on our websites and is compelled to just press the "Buy Now" button. We aren't supposed to be compelling our customers to click around for a while, check out the FAQs, browse for a while, explore terms and conditions, read through our shipping policies, we want that impulse buyer. The impulse buyer is our most valuable customer, is it not?
So with that being said, what is the best way to integrate the message of 25 day shipping expectation on the landing/product page so the customer is aware BEFORE they ATC? I know regardless the shipping times will be a detractor for a lot of people and this may decrease the amount of ATC. I feel like taking that on the chin as early as possible in the funnel is the best way to handle it, rip the band-aid off. I am looking for the best way to position that message clearly and hopefully with a *somewhat* positive slant if possible. At least if you are being upfront, those people that do ATC or click Buy Now are much less likely to abandon because they know the shipping times already. When the ATC pixel event is triggered your ad money is spent and the analytics are ran. I would rather the customer decide to not purchase before I have to pay for that decision. I would rather optimize to the customer that isn't deterred by the shipping times. I would like to do my best to make it seem like no big deal.
So what are some creative ways you have seen this problem be solved for or how have you dealt with this?
Just PS I am offering free standard shipping on all items and this is on a banner on top of all landing pages as well as in my trust badges next to my 60 day satisfaction guarantee right below the Buy Now button. Thanks for reading through this and hopefully my thoughts make sense. When I do press launch on my site I want to do it as best as I can! Hopefully this post sparks good discussion….