Best way to bundle?

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Lets say I have product A, called:

Joes Fish Oil

But then I want to create another "product", product B, that contains 3 units joes fish oil.

Can I do this?

And when product B sells, can it count as 3 units of product A?

I want to do this for inventory management.


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Hi @mwmcreations,

Nick here from Shopify. 

I think the best way for you to go about this would be by looking into some bundle apps in the Shopify App Store. The bundle apps enable you to put products together enabling you to do what you're looking for with regards to inventory. Let's take a look at some of my favourite bundle apps below: 

Hopefully one of these apps resonates with you, but there are some more in the app store if they don't. The other way you could go about it is by having something custom made by a Shopify Expert. It would cost more upfront, but it would be a once-off payment rather than a monthly subscription in that sense. You can see the Expert directory here. 

Thanks, Nick



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We have a list of Shopify Product Bundles Apps too, you can take a look at the list here: 

Hope it helps!

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