Beware: Shopify Risk team will leave you drowning

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Payouts are on hold because of certain products I am selling.

I am currently in a sinking boat. I had my payouts paused for what seems like a whole week now. I have about $10,000 in holding and 100’s of orders that need to be fulfilled and invoices that need to be paid. I have been floating on reserves and I’m just about out. I have been emailing and the gurus can’t help me besides telling me that there’s a process and I have to wait...

The email they sent me was that I either have to remove these certain products or switch to another third party provider and they will release the funds.
I don’t believe these products they are referring to are violating any rules and asked for a second review. I was asked to send in invoices and any documentation to support my case and I did. Now I haven’t heard anything since. First, I recently paid off a capital loan and had to wait 3 days after I paid it off for it to clear on their end just so I can switch providers. Second, after I switched, I emailed the risk team for the release and never heard back from them. It is ridiculous that there is no direct contact point to reach them. Shopify support tried really hard to help me out but they always ended up saying the same thing which runs along the line of “we can’t do anything, wait for the risk team to contact you.”

I was at a point where sales were increasing fast and business was spiking. I felt like it was paying off, then Shopify slaps me in the face. They hold my funds, give me the silent treatment, and tell me to make it work.

I don’t think I have any plans on going back to Shopify Payments and I urge anyone who is reading this to stay away. I feel like they forced me on a dry pool slide and I’m trying to hold on but they’re about to dump a bucket of water and it’s just a slippery slope from there.

I am not concerned on whether I’ll be able to use Shopify Payments in the future or not, I just need the funds released and I will stay away from Shopify payments like the plague. I will miss their capital program since it helped me a lot but if this is how they treat me, I’m better off without.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles with Shopify Payments. Unfortunately, Shopify Payment is really handled by Stripe as that is there merchant partner. In practise what is really happening is Shopify is reaching out to Stripe (probably after Stripe was the one to place the hold) and then there is a lot of back and forth - Essentially you are dealing with a middle man.


Any merchant you deal with has the legal right to

  1. Hold your funds for any reason for a limited number of days (usually up to 90 days max).
  2. Stop trading with you.

Although in most cases there is usually a reason for this.


I would suggest you fulfil them orders though as it will case further problems for you later down the line if you don't. I'm sure Shopify Payments will release the funds but it could take some time. 


PayPal payments also offer a capital program and if you are doing the volume, they are in fact cheaper. Even with the third party processing fees.


Most other merchants also have a similar program.


You can also find a list of Shopify payment gateways here:


I sincerely hope you get the problem resolved, I know how frustrating it can be to work with merchants. If there is anything I can do to help please let me know.



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This just happened to me, they are holding on to money for 90 days. Ruining my business operations of course. In my opinion I'm sure there is grounds for lawsuits for this if someone would be willing to take the effort. They state that Stripe/Shopify Payments can put your account at risk at anytime, and that's fine. It's their business, HOWEVER; this should not include any money that is to be paid out; that means Shopify is affecting my business but if I can't afford to purchase my customer's products and ship it to them, that affects the customer's money and products. That is in my opinion ILLEGAL. This money is not Shopify's, it is either mine as a store or the customers. I was unable to refund this money to the customer EITHER. This is insane, they do this with thousands of stores and MILLIONS of $ that Shopify holds for 6 Months+ that means that can use and invest in their business, as I'm sure no one regulates this money to be held in a safe account and not be used. This means unless customers chargeback, this money is held/ "kidinapped" for 6 months by Shopify. 


Lastly, Shopify says you can use other payment providers who would take this risk: HOWEVER, Shopify collects fees for Stores using any other payment providers as well. So these FRAUDSTERS collect your annual/monthly store fee, tell you to use other providers (who collect their own fees as well) and collect fees ON TOP OF THAT, and collect your domain fees. Do not use these guys, no money you make is worth allowing them to make money off of you and control your Store like they own it.


PLUS They have the AUDACITY to tell you to sell your store when you try and close it, so they can make some sort of fee on that.

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I can attest to a similar situation....

My Shopify account was deemed “high risk” for chargebacks after 10 orders and 7 days.


I was very surprised as there was no issues with my customers nor any reason to consider my store/product risky. It was just selling an electronic part for a car. 


After only seven days in operation and zero issues with my customers including no chargebacks - my payment services were shut off and they are holding my money for 90 days 😂!   I have had constant comunication daily with my customers. My customers are very well taken care of and thanking me daily. I scoured my account and online resources to try to see what possibly the issue is. I cannot find a reason. All of the customers are rated "Low Risk". I read through all of Shopify and Stripes rules and I violated none of them. All product has been fullfilled. 


I had extensive communication with multiple people in multiple departments at both Shopify and Stripe (Shopify's payment service). While kind, courteous, and as helpful as they can be - I reached the conclusion that either the people that were helping me were not given the proper information or refused to disclose to me reasons for my shut off of payment services. They both kept pointing fingers at each other - with no exaggeration. 



I was simply told that I was at high risk for possible chargebacks and instead of just holding my funds and asking me to show fulfillment to release the funds (like paypal sometimes does for new accounts)  I was just banned from payment services and my money was being held for 90 days.


To me this not only is taking advantage of a new merchant but possibly profiting and not giving a reason for how the merchant could improve or do things differently. I know for a fact that Stripe is earning interest on my balance (and everyone else's) while I am accruing interest charges on my credit card because I cannot use that balance to pay merchants or  use for daily business use.


This is not what I expect from a partner like Shopify. After speaking to multiple people who have used shopify and stripe - this seems to be a common practice and is creating a very bad name for services that do this.


I was advised that I have the option to refund all my customers but I would lose the fees. LoL - of course that would be the way for Shopify/Stripe to scam me out of money. And if I did that all of my customers would be highly suspicious of why I had to do that and I would most certainly lose sales.


Overall - I am extremely disappointed and now am I questioning Shopify/Stripes business practices. 

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Also... Newsflash guys... You are now being charged 2% by shopify for using a third party payment provider. I found that late in the game. So if you have an international transaction and are using paypal (90% of people are) - you get 4.4% frr from paypal  and 2% fee from shopify. 


THAT EQUALS 6.4% fee!!!! 😂


Shopify will not remind you of this BTW when they shutoff Shopify payments.