Black Friday are Cyber Monday is coming. Tips, tricks, apps and strategy?

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Hello everyone,

This morning I’ve just had the meeting with my boss and he asked about preparation to BFCM promotion. I’m pretty sure that everyone is doing the preparation for this promotion.

Any tips, tricks, apps or strategy for BFCM? Let’s share them here!

Btw, I’ve just browsed Shopify blog and found this article with some ideas about BFCM.


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The first question is what are you selling? By knowing what you sell, we can suggest an idea for promotion.

You ask about strategy, so I suggest that you create a landing page for that promotion. The reason is that landing page is much more focused so you are likely to get more sales.

I think it would be better if you segment your customers, create about 2 or 3 versions of a landing page with different messages, different ads, and channels for each segment. For a digital marketer like me, tracking and testing is very important. You can use page builder apps to help you build and test landing page faster. I use PageFly page builder to create landing pages for every marketing campaign. Quite flexible, about 25 elements. Low cost also. Here is the look inside:

But the function that I love most is that it integrates with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel so I can track every single click on the landing page and push data to an Analytics Dashboard. As said, tracking and testing is very important for me.

Hope it helps :)

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Hello Guys,

This the right time to discuss over festive season,now is the time for preperation only those sellers gets succeed in the festive season who have correct set of plans there are few points which you should consider while selling on this festive season :-

1)Offers-Now is the time to set offers and calculate the discount as it is expected most of the client would visit to your sites

2)Shipping-Try to ship the order in 24 hrs so that you gets preference over your competitors

3)Integration-Best way and safe way to earn good revenue is selling through marketplace through various integration possible benefits on selling through marketplace are there is no high prmotion is required as marketplace themselves do the promotion for example sears market place has created the category called Halloween so that means interested people would purchase from that category amazon marketplace is promoting festive season even jet marketplace has named some of the product called Halloween and when you are selling on these marketplace through integration channels then order and product are managed automatically.

4)Product Analysis-If you have electronics type of product then I would suggest you to sell on NewEgg marketplace as they promote cyber monday in great passion they are promoting cyber monday through blogs. 

5)Mobile Users-Also if you have shopify store then you can also convert your store into apps.As most of the users try to access through apps there are varous free apps in the marketplace that can convert your store into mobile app.


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Agree with Anh Nguyen.

I think it would be better if you segment your customers

Whatever you do, don't forget your old customers. An old customer is more likely to buy from you rather than a new one. BFCM is really a real fighting battle for customers, I think if you have a special promotion for your old customers only, they may highly appreciate.

Best channel: Email, telesales (because you have their contact already).


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I know that this is a very big time of the year and all of us are rushing for campaigns and promotions and everything. Everybody is talking about driving traffics, have a good campaign's message, etc. However, it is not only about the traffics but it is also about how they convert!

To all merchants who are struggling with the all-time problem 'traffics but no sales'. After all, we need sales. It will be a huge problem if we spend a lot of time on promoting, running FB ads, GG ads, etc. and drive a lot of traffics to your store, then no sale! My biggest advice for you is to review your store before start running any BFCM promotion campaign.

Keep your head cool, don't be so rush to keep up with the market and competitors then forget about your own stores and products. I would suggest you optimize your store, make it feels good and looks professional. You can check out these blogs about optimizing website:

Conversion Rate Optimization: 5 Important Things Every Merchant Needs To Know

Enhance your mobile user experience to get more sales

I hope this help.

Good luck!

May Phan - Product Designer @SellerSmith
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This is a great post!

 Black Friday #BFCM is a great opportunity for merchants, but also, a potential threat if you begin a campaign of price reductions without keeping a handle on the impact on profits.

  1. Driving enough traffic to offset your reductions - The trick is to drive enough customers to your stores to offset the price reductions you are making. Communiation is key here. Stay in close contact with your existing as well as new customer base, and let them know in advance if you can, what offers you are planning to run. Consider special #BFCM deals for your most loyal customers, building further, the relationship you've established with them
  2. Get a handle on your gross profits before you begin - If you're slashing prices during the #BFCM weekend, it's essential to know how much gross margin you have to play with. It's also an opportunity to move slower moving items, so consider a greater % markdown on items you want to clear, and hold back on slashing prices right across your best sellers. That said, you def want to have some genuine great offers in your promotion - these will be the crowd pullers
  3. Our app tracks profits and markdowns - our app tracks profits by category and product and also suggests markdowns and allows you to create your own new markdowns, and we post your new prices back to Shopify for you. We also allow you to break out your inventory by location, so you can see the profitabililty by location too.We're in the final stages of testing, and have had nearly 200 Shopify merchants sign up to try our beta which is going live in a couple of weeks.

We're still open to beta testers. Please email; or click on our logo above to join.

We're here to help you win this #BFCM weekend! Hope it's a great one!

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I wrote an article outlining our play by play approach for last year.

We saw an 800% increase over the course of the week. 



I co-run and document my experience in building a 7 figure brand at
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Fantastic Jeremy!!!

I just love strategic planning! It works :)

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Hi Jason,

While the holiday periods are a great time to receive a boost in traffic, don't let it go to waste by making sure that your store is designed to convert. If it isn't, it won't matter how much traffic you send to your store.

Here are some sources to help you with that:




Free Trust Seals with Reviews Generation to help increase conversions -

Free Ads Exchange -

Free Conversion Checkout Timer -

Utilize Trust Seals with Reviews Generation to increase your sales conversions -
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Hi guys,

Check out this great blog post on how to build a successful gift card plan during the holidays.

As a part of our GiftWizard Gifting Cloud we offer the following solutions for the holiday season:

  • GW Gift Cards – Create a successful Gift Card plan that sends custom built electronic Gift Cards directly to gift recipients. Our gift cards offer great flexibility (discounts, buy one get one, remainders) and include eCards and animation to enhance the gifting experience. Check it out.
  • GW Gifts - We enable buyers to attach a branded E-Card to their gift, allowing gift recipients to adjust or exchange their gift before it ships, turning them into new customers and significantly reducing returns and exchanges
  • GW Bulk Campaigns - Send out thousands of low or high-value Gift Cards to your mailing list based on specific triggers. Customers view Gift Cards as cash money and respond in great numbers to take advantage of them, generating a massive amount of new sales for the store.
  • GW Data reports - Gain valuable knowledge of gift recipients. Generate reports that reveals who the gift recipients are, including emails, phone numbers, address, demographics, geographic location and life events. Significantly increase the LTV of gift recipients by targeted marketing campaigns.