Black Friday are Cyber Monday is coming. Tips, tricks, apps and strategy?

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We threw together a list of 5 quick and powerful Shopify sales you can run for Black Friday, or Cyber Monday if it helps anyone? 

Shopify Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale Ideas

Click here to see the post. 

Here are some of the sales we cover: 

  • Store-wide flash sales: The classic "20% off everything" sale! Put the whole store on sale, with no coupon codes needed. It can be the whole store, or a group of products like a collection or brand, a set of products you hand select, or even just one for a short period of time, usually less than a few hours.
  • Spend $X.XX, get a free gift:  Automatically add a free item to the cart when customers spend over a certain dollar amount. 
  • Promoting a free shipping or gift wrapping offer: Offer customers free shipping or gift wrapping once they reach a certain spending amount and show them a banner that lets them know exactly how much more they need to spend each time they add something to the cart.
  • For example, each time they add something to the cart, they see "You're only $21.78 away from free shipping!"
  • Daily deals: Rotate "deals of the day" using a Shopify collection and have sales automatically start and stop based on the day.
  • Buy one, get one (BOGO) offers: Offer a customer a discounted or free product when they buy another at full price. 
  • Stacked Offers: Give your customers reason to spend more, and then more again! 
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Hi All,

I'm happy to confirm that our app is finally live and in the app store under the inventory category.

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Hello Jason,

Thanks for starting this topic on the board,  When it comes to Festive Season all we get in mind is Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Yes they are big days and surely you need plan well in advance for the same but there are some of the days which surely you should not miss out as well. 8 ecommerce holdiay dates that you should not miss for your business


  • Back to School
  • Halloween's Day
  • Singles Day
  • Thanks Giving Day
  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • Doubles Day
  • Christmas Day



@Jason22 wrote:

Hello everyone,

This morning I’ve just had the meeting with my boss and he asked about preparation to BFCM promotion. I’m pretty sure that everyone is doing the preparation for this promotion.

Any tips, tricks, apps or strategy for BFCM? Let’s share them here!

Btw, I’ve just browsed Shopify blog and found this article with some ideas about BFCM.


The question you raised is in every one's mind . Some of the tips which I would like to suggest based on my experience would be to do

  • Modify your theme and look of your store
  • It would be good idea adding product which are popular and trending during the particular season
  • offer discounts
  • offer free shipping
  • if you are selling on different marketplaces like   Etsy , ebay,  walmart , wish , google express , amazon, it would be the right time to integrate your shopify store with them and manage inventory from one place.
  • raise inventory for best selling products
  • tie up with shipment companies who can fulfill your order fast
  • serve you customer in the best possible time

You can message me for more queries



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