Blacklisted Help Needed !

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Hi All, 

Hope you all crushing it !

Maybe one of you have same problem

I have a problem with shopify (seems like it) 

Currently I have a store on shopify platform and was trying to open another one, but when I tried to do that my store got closed and I received an email from business team saying that they can't support my store on they platform do to security risk, sorry bye bye. 

Everytime I asked for explanation I got vague answer. 

  • What did I do wrong ? - We can't tell you 
  • Can I use your platform in the future ? - every shop assest on individual basis (maybe) 
  • What can I do to avoid store beeing closed - We can't tell you

I am not from USA and was using VPN servise to do my research and create store. That was only explanation why it got closed as I am not selling prohibited items or doing anything illigal.I I have USA registered company, USA address, SSN, EIN number, USA bank account. I am using same details as for my first store. I tried 3 times and everytime it got closed. 

Last time I did not used VPN and spend loads of time adding products and was live ( no sales yet) and got closed again.

 I am waiting for an email from shopify but won't do me no good I have the feeling... 

Wanted to share that with you and maybe anyone been in similar situation. 




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What are you selling?

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As for VPN here's a good site with reviews Bestvpnrating. Compare and than install.

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I am new and I was locked out of my new store. I closed the old one (during the trial period) and opened one with a different  name in a different niche. I hired someone to design the new store... put in my cc to select a plan and was immediately locked out. They still haven’t responded back to let me know why.