Blackmail email threatening spammy back links - coming from store contact form

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Has anyone else received an email/emails from their store contact form threatening to inundate with spammy backlinks, to destroy google ranking - see attached pdf.
Has anyone any advice on how to handle this, or how to find out the origin of the emails from the store contact form.

This threat has been carried out - though it seems to pre-date the emails.  We have had 10,000s of inappropriate links(see attached screenshots) and though this is only recent we have dropped from near the top of the first google page to half way done the second page.  

This is very concerning and difficult to address, as google have no interest in helping us, and we are actively trying to disavow these files.

If anyone has any advice on how to handle this attack please help.  You will all understand how demoralising it is to work so hard on something to see it attacked in this way and to have such limited options to redress the problem, we are actively trying to disavow these links.

Any advice would be much appreciated.  If anyone has knowledge or experience of this could they let me know how they handled it and if they were able to fix their google ranking?