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Hi - we had another business owner tell us the below. Are we protected by using Shopify? We would love to learn more about how we are protected against lawsuits like this using Shopify and if not, do you have recommendations on how to protect ourselves? 

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Also, and FYI, we've been hit with two lawsuits in the past 2-months by law firms representing individuals who are legally blind and can't appropriately navigate our website using a blind reader (a tool that converts a website to sound).  As we research the topic, it's something that a lot of brands have dealt with.  The lawsuits are largely regarded as highway-robbery/extortion/etc., as the law is very unclear on the topic but it's much cheaper for the business to settle than to fight it.  It looks like it'll cost us ~$10K to settle each one (but that's in negotiation still).
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You are definitely not protected by using Shopify. You might want to check Shopify App Store for tools related to accessibility, as it is not only related to blind or visually impaired people -

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